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What an Amazing Week !!

So it's been half-term in the UK here, which means we have a week off school before going back to school next week. Last weekend was pretty normal with football on both days. Although my usual team didn't have a match, so I played in goal for a friend's team on the Sunday morning as he was on holiday. That went well, which was good as the last thing you want to do when playing just 1 game for a team is to play badly!

On Sunday night, my Dad and I got a flight to Glasgow for a special goalkeeping trip - watch my latest video below to see what this was all about...

We flew back early on Tuesday morning, so I had to get up at 5am but were back home by about 10am, meaning I had most of Tuesday to rest.

Another early wake up at 6am on Wednesday morning to drive to Oxford (about 1hr 30min away) for a 2-day goalkeeping camp run by Developing Goalkeeping UK. Martin Brennan of DGUK is my weekly goalkeeper coach, but he also runs goalkeeper camps for small groups during the school holidays. These camps are brilliant, like no other camp I've attended. There is a mix of classroom sessions and practical goalkeeping sessions on the pitch (or 4G depending on the weather/daylight). The classroom sessions add knowledge to the practical sessions which I believe makes me learn faster and in more detail. I highly recommend you look up these courses on the DGUK website for your next school holidays.

We returned home about 9.30pm on Thursday night and had a rest planned for Friday, then back to football Saturday & Sunday. However, I think the hectic week got to me and I woke up Sat & Sun with a sore throat, headache, aching all over and generally feeling lethargic... so no football for me sadly 😢.

I still have Monday off school so hopefully I'll be back fit by Tuesday.

So I had an amazing week, but not great to end up feeling unwell. I hope you had a great week too, if you were off school.

I have lots more videos coming out from my trip meeting Kenny Arthur of KA Goalkeeping, so please keep alerts on my YouTube channel so you're the first to watch those when they're released. Thanks for your support.

Henry ⚽👐

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