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MONTHLY UPDATE: September 2019

September has been a busy month. Here's a summary of what's been going on;


My team played our 1st 3 matches of the new season during September, winning 1 and drawing 2. All were tough matches in a new league, the Echo League which is known to be the toughest league for the Essex/East London area. We were placed in Division 3 out of the 10 Divisions at U11. So we're pretty pleased with the start we've made and I'm personally pleased with my performances so far. We have about 5 new players this season in our 11-man squad meaning it will take some time to gel, so being unbeaten so far is really encouraging.


Since September last year I've been studying once per week in preparation for taking my 11+ exam. The 11+ exam gives you the opportunity to attend a Grammar School in year 7. About 1,000 people sit the exam at the school I'd like to attend, but only 150 will get a place. That's the highest 120 marks who live within 12.5 miles of the school and the 30 highest marks who live outside that distance. We live within the 12.5 mile area, so I have to score in the top 12%. I scored well in my mock exams leading up to it, and took the exam on Saturday 21st September. I get the results some time after 16th October so fingers crossed I score well. As well as being a top school, they also have 30 acres of sports fields and a brand new sports hall & gym. So this school will be amazing for me if I get in. If not, we have looked at other secondary schools which would be great for me, with a mix of good education and great sports facilities.


We published 9 videos during September, which is about 2 per week. This is about our maximum combined with everything else we do during the week. There was a good mix of videos for everyone too;

  • 4x Panini Premier League pack Opening videos

  • 1x Training video

  • 1x Goalkeeper Glove review

  • 1x Fun video

  • 1x Challenge video with friends

  • 1x vlog re my Dad's finger injury

During September we also reached 23,000 YouTube subscribers and our Instagram account exceeded 2,300 followers. Thank you to everyone for your support.

Next month I should have the results from my 11+ exam and hopefully we'll still be unbeaten in the league. Make sure you follow my Instagram account to keep up-to-the-minute with my progress.

Speak to you soon.

Henry ⚽👐🏻

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