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MONTHLY UPDATE: October 2019

October has been another busy month with sports and studying...


I'm mixing up my sporting activities at the moment with Dodgeball (after-school club), Tennis and Golf. I play dodgeball weekly, I've played Tennis once and had 2 golf group lessons this month - Having had my golf clubs for over 3 years I've now got a new set which will take a little bit of time to get used to as they are about 4 inches longer. All these sports use different muscles, help my body to adapt to ball-hand-eye co-ordination and also build strength & power. Sports specialists recommend you mix sports at an early age, as focusing on 1 sport can cause more injuries as you;re suing the same muscles repetitively.


I've been trying out different goalkeeper coaches recently, trying to find a decent coach who I find effective and who is local to us. Last season I travelled lots for my coaching and it ended up burning me out, eating at the wrong times and going to bed late, etc. This month I've had a 1:1 session and a group session with Chris Haigh who put me into his 12-13yr old group and I held my own. Chris runs a company called Goalkeeper.Coach and I'm looking forward to doing more work with him and Ethan Ross, who is currently at Colchester Utd.


In September I took the 11+ exam and received the results on 15th October. I scored enough to choose from a number of grammar schools in Essex but most are too far away. Our closest grammar school and the one I want to attend is KEGS in Chelmsford and it looks like I have scored enough to get into this school... but I won't know for sure until March 2020.... so we have a long wait. We have also looked at a few other schools as back-up options in case I don't get into KEGS. I've also done a Sports Aptitude test to try to obtain 1 of just 8 places at a really good sports-orientated school close to me. I've had a good result in this test too, so it's my 2nd choice out of 6 schools. Now we wait until March...


My local Advanced Academy has a new Goalkeeper coach and a new venue with a better surface and more space. Both mean I'm getting better coaching which is great for my goalkeeping development. I'm hoping to be selected for some upcoming matches against local pro club academies.


Panini have been kindly sending me their latest Premier League Adrenalyn XL cards which I've been showing on my YouTube channel. You can start your collection with a Starter Pack, but they also do Pocket Tins, Classic Tins, Premium Packs and Premium Gold Packs too. Check out the videos on my channel and look out for the Advent Calendar which comes out before Christmas.


Fortnite season 10 came to an end and they've launched a complete new world. I've made some videos on my Fortnite play with friends. Please check them out here; FORTNITE VIDEOS


I train with my team once a week and we are growing together week by week and learning how each other play. Match performances on a Sunday are improving and in October we won 3 games and lost just once - check out my match reports here; MATCH REPORTS

We're away on holiday now, so thanks for your support and I'll see you back here in mid-November,

Henry ⚽👐🏻

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