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October was a month of rest for me, with my foot injury still causing me pain. However, I still have lots to report...


Me & my Dad started playing FPL at the start of the 2020/21 football season and I've really got into it lately. We've never played FPL before, so it was all new to us but we've done quite well so far. We've mentioned it a few times in our VLOG's and have decided to start a regular FPL series showing you how we got on after each weekend's results and what transfers, wildcards or chips we're going to be playing for the upcoming week. We'll be starting those videos this week so we hope you enjoy them.


One thing I have been able to continue is my bi-weekly golf group lessons. These are done on the driving range so I haven't had to walk lots. Also, the transfer weight onto my left foot in the swing doesn't cause me any pain, so that's been great to continue. This month we've done a chipping lesson, a swing lesson and finally a 9-hole playing competition. I was really pleased to be able to walk the 9 holes (with a small amount of pain), but I played well and shot 5 less than my handicap, finishing joint 3rd out of 7 players. I've now been cut to a 27 hcp so I'm making good progress.


My dad played in a cup final which was carried over from last season's lockdown, which they won 2-0, making him a cup final winner for the 2nd year running. He's now joined a new team for this season and they are currently 2nd in the league (his old team are now 6th 😉).

My team played 2 league matches & 1 cup match, winning all three. With the 4 week lockdown, we now have to wait until 6th December for our next match. So it gives me more time to recover from my injury without missing any more games.

I did attend 1 of my goalkeeping sessions last week, just to help the coach and smell the grass again (3G!). It was good to wear the kit and be there, but frustrating too, to watch them doing goalie wars and dodgeball which are both things I LOVE!


In-between the weekly VLOG videos, we've been trying to produce another video for you to enjoy each week. In October we posted 4 videos on choosing football boots for wide feet, One Glove SLYR Blade & Hyper glove reviews, plus highlights from my dad's cup final win.

Stay safe during Lockdown 2.0 and I hope to be joining you all be back out on the pitch in December...

Henry ⚽️👐🏼

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