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MONTHLY UPDATE: November 2019

Hi everyone,

This months update includes Goalie Glove Deals, Trials, my holiday, Football, Dodgeball and Gelli Baff!!


There's been a lot of great new goalkeeper gloves released lately and I've recorded a few glove review videos to help you guys choose which gloves to buy. Kaliaaer and One Glove have had some amazing price deals in the Black Friday Sales - some are still on now so take a look and bag yourself a bargain or two! We also did a Giveaway of the Kaliaaer XLR8aer PWRlite pink n blue gloves, which were won by a young goalkeeper in Norway!


I spent the 1st 12 days of November on holiday in Costa Rica - it was a fantastic holiday with lots of activities and amazing things to see. We saw crocodiles, iguanas, sloths, poisonous frogs, various types of monkeys & birds in their natural rain-forest habitat. I highly recommend visiting Costa Rica.


My team organised a match versus a Cambridge Utd academy team, which was played at a great venue at Newmarket Town FC. We won the night overall which was a great boost to our confidence being tested against a well organised, strong and skilful team.

It was great to be back to my Academy training after missing nearly 3 weeks. We also played a match against an Echo League 1st division side which was a real test. We lost overall on the night but I learnt a lot about the quality and strength of the players who are 2 divisions above my grassroots team.


If you read last month's blog, you will know that my school dodgeball team got through to the local district finals. We won the whole competition against 14 other teams, which was amazing to be part of. Quick footwork, flexibility, strength and hand-eye coordination in dodgeball helps massively with my goalkeeping.


In November I gave you all a number of videos to enjoy; Panini cards & calendar, Glove Reviews & a Giveaway, a Henry v Dad challenge and "Henry's Tips" made a comeback.

Every few days during December I'll be opening more doors of the Panini Premier League countdown calendar. Watch the 1st one HERE


Zimpli Kids sent me some of their Gelli Baff products recently and I've made 2 great videos using these - take a look HERE


My school selects a few boys & girls from year 6 to go to a Sports Talent Camp Trial every year and i was chosen for this recently. It consisted of various different sports tests; running, jumping, agility, speed and endurance. It was tough. We find out in February if I've been selected to attend the Sports Talent Camp next May.


I've had a couple of group sessions with my new golf clubs and am getting used to the extra length now. Golf is a technical game of patience and skill, keeping a calm head when things don't quite go as planned, much like playing in goal. Our coach makes the sessions fun but always sets us a challenge which we all want to win! I came 2nd in the last session so my game is improving every time.

That's all for this month's update. I hope your football is going well and you're having fun 😁

Henry ⚽👐🏻

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