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This month we started a Patreon membership system. We have had 3 Patrons join us so far and we look forward to greeting many more of you. For details of the many benefits of becoming a Patron (including FREE gifts, shout-outs, Instagram LIVE chats and early access to some of my content, please CLICK HERE. This month's NEW Patrons are;

  • Cami Aitken

  • Joshua Tavarez

  • Aidan Rudnick

Welcome and thank you for your support.


We created and published 24 videos in May... We hope you've enjoyed our content in what's been another very busy month for us! We won't be publishing as many videos next month as lockdown in the UK eases, as I'm going back to school tomorrow.


We've carried on doing home training in the garden but also did a 1:1 goalkeeper coaching session after the government announced it was now acceptable to carry out 1:1 coaching. Sadly, the FA then put a stop to this for under 18 year olds as a parent must be present (obviously), which they deemed no longer a 1:1 session... no common sense there! So we did it anyway and the video is on our channel HERE


On top of my football, I've been doing other fitness and sports like golf, table tennis, darts, pool, cycling, skipping, Plyometrics, Pilates & Yoga. These are great for still working on elements needed to improve my goalkeeping. It doesn't all have to be top corner saves!


I've been analysing a pro goalkeeper roughly once per week. My dad and I watch a 10min video of their saves on YouTube, then note down their style - hands & feet positions when set, do they play off their line or stay close to it, do they a keen sweeper or defend the goal more so, what's their footwork and distribution like, etc. We also look at their history and achievements on wikipedia. It's been interesting and has taught us a lot. Try it.


I had a ZOOM chat and quiz with my football team and coaches last week which was great. Now that we are allowed up to 6 people from different households to meet in outside spaces, and top level sport is resuming soon, I don't think it will be long before we can get back together for a training session soon. Our season starts in September so hopefully we'll be training by August in readiness for playing matches then.


I've done 4 Instagram LIVE chats lately; with Will Leighton of The One Glove Company, Kenny Arthur of Kaliaaer, Paul Warnecki of Goalkeeper Warz and Lee Robinson, the Modern Day Goalkeeper. Sadly, we had internet connection issues with Lee but we hope to meet up for a goalkeeping coaching session very soon, so keep your eyes on my social media accounts for details of that.


Oh yeah, I had a haircut. Shaved off... Proper!

See you soon,

Henry ⚽️👐🏼

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