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Well, where do we start?...


Coronavirus has grabbed the world's attention and changed the way we all think and act right now. The number of deaths and people being taken ill is catastrophic and we must all stay at home and stay safe right now. #stayathome


Dad was selected once again to play for Essex Veterans vs the RAF Veterans. Last time they played at England's base, St.George's Park, but lost 5-4. This time they played at Aveley FC's Parkside Stadium. You can watch the match footage HERE


On 2nd March I found out which secondary school I had been allocated out of my list of 6. I had taken tests to get into the top 2 schools on my list. My first choice was a Grammar School where I needed to score in the top 120 out of over 1,000 people in an English & Maths test called the 11+. This school obtains some of the best qualifications in the country and it also has great sports facilities. My second choice was an ex-grammar school which also has amazing sports facilities but they only accept the best 8 scores from a sports aptitude test. My 3rd - 6th choice were other local schools. I was accepted into the Sports-focussed school (my 2nd choice) which I am so pleased with as there were hundreds of other kids who did the sports test. I'm really looking forward to starting secondary school in September and all the sports which we'll be doing.


I trained for the last time at MRFA Academy as I had decided to move on after 2 years. I felt things were going stale there and I had found 2 other Goalkeeping Academy sessions which I preferred more. During March I had 6 goalkeeper academy sessions and a 1-1. I feel I will develop better under the coaches at these 2 academies. My message to you is don't be afraid to try new things if you're not happy with your current situation. Explore other options, then make a choice that's right for you.


We played our last match of the season (unbeknown to us at the time) and had 2 training sessions before the COVID-19 advice forced the FA to cancel all grassroots matches & training.


Once the schools closed on 20th March, we set up a routine during the self-isolation period;

  • 9am PE with Joe Wicks

  • 9.30am School work

  • 11.30am Gaming with friends

  • 1pm Lunch

  • 2pm YouTube video

  • 3pm Goalkeeper Training / Learning

  • 4.30pm Gaming with friends

  • 6pm Dinner

  • 7pm Chill (Table Tennis, Pool, TV, Guitar, Reading, etc.)

What does your routine look like ?


This self-isolation period has meant I've had a lot more time to record more videos for YouTube. There's been some great challenges going around on Instagram too, so it's been great to get involved in some of them, like the toilet roll challenge, pushup challenge, roly-poly challenge, plank challenge, etc.

We produced more YouTube videos than ever before during march - a total of 17 in all !!

Thank you for all your support on YouTube, Instagram & Facebook - we've got loads more great ideas for the channel and we continue to grow due to your amazing support 🙏🏼

What will next month look like after another month of self-isolation?... See you then.

Henry ⚽️👐🏼

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