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Firstly, welcome to Charlie Woodhead, a new Patreon member in June. Thank you Charlie for your support, your FREE gifts and other benefits will be on their way to you soon.


We've had lots of problems with our internet connection this month. It has caused issues with our Instagram LIVE chats so I hope that didn't spoil them for you. Our internet provider says there's nothing wrong, we've had an IT company look at our system and say there's nothing wrong... but there is something WRONG! We'll get to the bottom of it eventually.


Since returning from lockdown I've had 4 2:1 goalkeeper sessions;

  • 1 with Chris Haigh Goalkeeping and another top U12 keeper called Ollie, who is at Colchester Utd

  • 2 with Evolve.PA and another great U12 goalie called Alex who is on trial with Stevenage FC

  • 1 with Terry Mason Goalkeeping Academy with a great U13 goalkeeper called Will

The sessions with these 3 goalkeeper coaches are very different but all enjoyable and help me to improve in different ways. The keepers I do my 2:1's with help to challenge and improve me.


I finish Primary School 2 weeks early on 3rd July 2020. We had some great hoodies made up which show the year 2020 and all my school friends names on the back.

My school is taking back years 2-5 for the last 2 weeks, letting us go early. This means we get 8 weeks off for summer which is going to be great. I've got lots of activities planned to get myself fit and sharp for the new season which hopefully will re-start in September.


I had an offer from my original 1st choice secondary school this week. I'd been on the waiting list since March as I missed out on getting in by 1 mark in the 11+ entry exam. So this was great news but also gave me a big dilemma. My 2nd choice school was also an excellent school. I'd got into this school by being in the top 8 of a Sports Aptitude test I took last September. So I was really pleased and excited to be going to that school. I took the day off primary school to look at both secondary schools websites and talk to some people with knowledge of both and I decided to switch over to my original 1st choice, KEGS. This is also a great school for sports with some amazing facilities - 30 acres of sports fields,


It was my 11th Birthday in June but I couldn't have a party as planned due to COVID-19, so I just had a few friend over instead and still had a great day. To see some of the presents I received, watch this video.


I had an Instagram LIVE chat with Conor O'Keefe which was really interesting. Go check it out if you haven't already watched it. I also did a live chat with 1 of my Patreon members. This is a benefit for being a Patron, so if you'd like to feature in an instagram live chat and receive free gifts plus other benefits, please take look at my Patreon page.

I also started a weekly Friday night LIVE stream of my Fortnite gaming from my HenryTMC channel. If you play Fortnite and want to take part in this, then follow my Instagram account @henry.tmc for details.


My team training re-started which has been great. I've really missed it during lockdown and can't wait to start the new season in September (if that's when it starts?). We've been move up a division to the Echo League U12 A Division. We're still playing 9-a-side on a smaller pitch but it's our first season where all results are published and there's a league table and promotion/relegation involved. It's gonna be an exciting season.


I've played golf regularly and plan to increase that during July and August whilst I'm off school for the summer. I'm hoping to improve my game and start playing on the main 18 hole course. We've been advised to play alternate shots with my dad initially to keep up with the speed of play and to get used to all sorts of shots and distances. I'm definitely getting better so I'm really looking forward to this.


Lastly, I attended an Academy trial to gain more trial experience. This is so that when I eventually get a trial for a pro club, I'm used to the trial process of being up against other keepers and not having too many nerves, etc. The Academy asked me to start another hour to have a proper look at me but I'd decided this academy wasn't right for me, so I politely said no. Remember, it's not just you on trial, so are the team/club/academy. I think this really helps you if you go into trials think ing this way. It has to be right for you too.

Stay safe and happy goalkeeping,

Henry ⚽️👐🏼

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