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WOW! Well we thought we'd worked hard in March. But in April we published 22 videos for you guys - our most ever !

Included in those was a return for "Henry's Tips", 3 Goalie Glove reviews, 3 Henry vs Dad challenges, 6 Training videos, 1 match highlights video and 4 VLOGs !!

I also featured in another one of Kailem's videos which was a football quiz with Keyl Skills and the Bonnick Brothers. Check out the video here - it's worth it!...


I was off school for the whole of April during the self-isolation period of this coronavirus pandemic. 2 weeks of that was our Easter holiday anyway, but during that time I still did some SAT test papers in order to keep my brain active.

Since returning to school, we've had online homework which has been great and we have just started doing a weekly video call with our teacher and my classmates. It was really fun to see my friends again and looking at the range of home-haircuts was hilarious!!

As a family we've been having a twice-a-week FaceTime chat with my Nan, Grandad, Uncle & Aunty. Each time we do an online quiz, or play Bingo, Card games, Horse Racing, Charades, etc. It's been fun and keeping us all in touch whilst we can't visit each other.


I did an Instagram live chat with Tim Pitman, the goalkeeper of Hashtag United. Tim was my first ever goalkeeper coach, so it was great to catch up with him again. I also did an hour chat with Stan Anderson of Camp Shutout, which is the biggest Goalkeeper Camp in the USA ! I'll be doing more of these live chats on Instagram during May so please follow me there to get involved.


We've started giving a long-serving YouTube subscriber a shout-out once a week. To qualify for this you need to comment on my community page regularly (as comments on my videos are still not enabled by YouTube) and you need to have your settings so that all your subscriptions are visible. This shows me a small YouTube logo after your name when you comment and when I hover over it, it shows me how long you've been subscribed. I'll shout-out one person each week from all the recent comments, who has been subscribed the longest.


We also gave away a pair of One Glove SLYR Blaze goalie gloves to a lucky winner of our Instagram ball-bounce challenge. Look out for more giveaways coming soon! To have the best chance you need to follow me on all social media channels as I do giveaways on different channels.


I vary my fitness and sports activities so that I'm exercising different parts of my body, but always doing things that are developing my goalkeeping. This month, on top of my goalkeeper training, I've been running, cycling, playing table tennis, darts, pool, foot tennis, golf, skipping. Skipping is my new thing - it's great for fast feet and fitness. Table Tennis too - I'm now beating my dad more and more !

Take care and stay safe,

Henry ⚽️👐🏼

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