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Interview with Alisson Becker's Coach !

Recently I had the immense honour of interviewing John Achterberg, the goalkeeper coach of Alisson Becker, who was signed by Liverpool FC in the summer of 2018, just after the World Cup in Russia.

At the time of signing for Liverpool, Alisson Becker was the most expensive goalkeeper in the world ! So I couldn't believe it when The Keeper Company asked me if I would like to interview the coach for Liverpool FC, John Achterberg.

John Achterberg has been at Liverpool since 2009 and previously played in goal for Tranmere Rovers for 9 years. Whilst there, he has coached Pepe Reina, Brad Jones, Loris Karius, Simon Mignolet and now Alisson. John was really informative and helpful, giving some great advice to goalkeepers young and old on trials, getting scouted, 1v1 situations, etc. He also describes what his typical week is like as a Premier League goalkeeper coach looking after 5 goalies at different levels.

It's a really interesting interview, so please grab a drink, put your feet up and watch it here;

The interview with this professional goalkeeper coach was organised and arranged by The Keeper Company. Please check out their website for more information.

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