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How Much Football is Too Much ?

Hey guys,

It's interesting to know how much football training we all do to reach our dreams. It needs to be enough for you to improve and get better than anyone else in your position. But your mind & body also need enough rest to recover and be excited and ready for the next session. So it's important to get the right balance.

Since my last blog, I've done the following training/match sessions;

  • Academy Training - 1.5 hours of footwork skills and Goalkeeping, including a small-sided match

  • Team Training - 1.5 hours of footwork skills and Goalkeeping, including a small-sided match & penalty practice

  • Football Match - 1.25 hours of Match Practice

  • Academy Training - 1.5 hours of footwork skills & 1v1 defending/attacking including a small-sided match

  • Goalkeeper 2-1 Training - 1 hour of Goalkeeper Positioning, Footwork, closing down angles & shot-stopping

  • Fitness - 45 minutes (2 sessions) of Pilates-type strength and fitness workouts

So that's 7.5 hours of training and match practice in the last week. How does that compare to what you do ? Do you do more or less ? Please comment below and let's discuss it. Should the time we spend on our goalkeeping increase as we get older as our body can handle more ?

Since the last blog. I've released 2 videos on my YouTube channel. I've had over 1,000 YouTube views on my pre-match warm-up routine video which I released just 4 days ago. That's an amazing response and I hope it was of help to you.

If you haven't seen my latest match highlights video, it wasn't my best performance. I made errors with the first 2 1v1 situations which led to goals conceded but I'm determined to fix my mindset when it comes to these. My goalkeeper coach, Martin Brennan, is going to help me with this by doing tonight's 2-1 session based on this topic. All I can do is keep practising until it becomes natural to me. I've had over 4,500 views on that video in just 2 days, which shows that you guys love watching match footage more than any other type of video on my channel.

As always, thanks for your support and good luck with your goalkeeper training and match if you have one this weekend.

Henry ⚽👐

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