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Hi guys,

It's been 10 days since my last blog post, and a lot has been happening. If you're a subscriber to my YouTube channel, you'll have seen that we've published 5 videos in the last 10 days.

Those 5 videos have included a football boot review, a garden training session using an adjustable ramp made by my Grandad (the G-dog), a review of the Boot Buddy boot cleaning system, the 2nd in my Henry v Herbie series and also a parachute running training video (phew!). That's quite a variety of videos but it keeps it interesting for me and we hope for the viewer.

It takes quite a bit of time to produce these videos, edit them, create a thumbnail and share on all my social media channels, but it's worth it. We estimate on average about 3 hours per video. My Dad and I enjoy doing them and we hope that comes across. The main aim is to improve my goalkeeping whilst we do them and to also benefit other goalkeepers out there.

Luckily the weather is improving and we've been able to produce more outdoor videos lately. Sometimes we struggle to record 1 per week due to weather and also how much free time I have. Other things have to come before recording goalkeeping videos, so here's a list of what else (apart from school & 5 sessions of football) I do during each week;

  • School homework

  • 11 plus tutoring

  • 11 plus tutoring homework

  • Learning to play the guitar (a new thing I've started recently)

  • Any after-school competitions (I've competed vs other schools in Dodgeball, Swimming & Netball)

  • Playing with friends

It's really important to have other interests away from football, but as I get older, I know some of these things will have to be sacrificed to push on and be the best goalkeeper I can be. I've already stopped the weekly swimming and golf sessions that I used to have. But hey, I can swim really well and I can swing a golf club quite well. So I can always pick up both those activities later on in life.

As the weather improves, I hope to record more match & training videos for you and show you how my game is coming along lately. We've got 2 regular series of videos now; "Henry vs Herbie" and also "Henry's Tips". We hope you like them and look forward to the next one coming out as soon as you've watched the last one. In-between these we will produce all manner of videos linked with goalkeeping.

So we hope you're enjoying the YouTube channel. If you have any new ideas you'd like to see, please reply to this blog, or get in touch via my YouTube, Instagram or Facebook channels.

Thanks for your continued support.

Henry ⚽👐

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