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Best Football Stadium in the World?

Whether you're a Spurs supporter or not, you can't have failed to notice that Tottenham Hotspur have just finished building their brand new football stadium in N17, London. I and many of the media, believe this is the best Football Stadium in the world right now. Do you ?

My dad and I attended the recent 1st test event which was a great day out and was actually my 2nd visit inside the New Spurs Stadium. This test event was Spurs U18 v Southampton U18 in their U18 Premier League match. What a great day for those lads to be the first Tottenham Hotspur team to play a full match in the new stadium. Some of them have been at the Spurs Academy since they were 10 years old (my age), so what an amazing day they must have had. To fulfil their dreams of playing in the Tottenham Stadium. Hopefully for them, one day it will be for the 1st team.

It just goes to show, that however old you are, if you work hard enough, dreams can come true. I hope one day I can be in that same position, walking out on the lush green turf for Spurs in a Premier League match as a pro goalkeeper... I will keep dreaming... and working hard... whatever is thrown at me to break me down, to knock me off my path... I will keep believing and dreaming... the best dreams are the ones that come true...

Henry ⚽👐

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