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6th Jan Match Report & Highlights

Hi guys,

This is my 1st Match Highlights video this season as we haven't been able to record until now.

Lots of my YouTube subscribers have been asking for Match Footage so finally, here is the 1st one this season and the 1st one of 2019.

We dominated the match from the start but didn’t put the ball in the net. After about 20 minutes we went 1-0 down (but the video shows it was actually offside). We drew back to 1-1 by half time then started the 2nd half strongly.

At 2-1 up I made an important save wearing my KA Goalkeeping Breakout Emerald Gloves and we went up the other end and scored to go 3-1 up. We were soon 4-1 up but I conceded a 1v1 which I should have done better with. We got another goal to finish off the game 5-2. I had a lot of back-passes to clear and a few simple scoops/pick-ups. My kicking was great but I must improve my 1v1 confidence as I made it very easy for the striker to score their 2nd goal. Luckily my team scored more and it didn't matter but on another day it could have.

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: Become more effective in 1v1 situations.

Thanks for watching, Henry ⚽👐

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