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2018/19 Season Match Results

In August 2018 I joined Broomfield Youth FC U11 Warriors, playing a year up in the Blackwater & Dengie League Division 2.

AWAY v Valley Green Hotspurs,10th March 2019, KO 2pm

WON 2-0

Another really windy day with some hail just before kick off too! Kicking was going to be tough again but as the pitch wasn't as muddy/slippy as last meek, I did OK. I made a few routine saves, dealt with some through-balls and back-passes with my feet. 1 did bobble over my foot but it was to the side of the goal and I recovered the ball and kicked it off for a throw-in to be safe. My positioning and communication are getting better with each game so I was proud of a solid performance today. The team score 1 goal in each half and we never looked like conceding.

HOME v South Woodham Ferrers Utd FC, 4th March 2019, KO 1pm

DREW 2-2

We started kicking up the slope and against the wind in muddy, wet & windy conditions. We did well to keep the score down to just 0-2 at half time. The 1 st goal we conceded was a volley from outside the box which went in over my head despite my dive for it. I was about 3 yards off my line so I don't think I was in the wrong position, just a good wind-assisted strike. Their 2nd goal was a low cross from just inside the box which somehow got through 4 of our defenders legs 😡 for their striker to slot it past me from 4 yards out. In the 2nd half (down the slope and with the wind) we dominated and got 2 goals back, both from great left-footed strikes that bulged the net. Other than the 2 goals I didn't have any other shots on goal to save, but had to deal with quite a few back-passes, coming out to clear or smother a number of through-balls. Goal kicks & drop-kicks were really difficult due to the mud on my boots and wind. Happy with a draw in the end.

AWAY v Rayne Youth Eagles, 10th February 2019, KO 10am

WON 6-2

The pitch today was extremely wet & muddy. In the warm-up my boots were already caked in mud so it was important to keep wiping & kicking the mud off my boots through the match to have the best grip on my studs. We started really well, scoring in the 1st minute. Although we dominated the 1st half, we conceded a penalty, which they scored, me diving the opposite way. It was annoying as I was going to dive to my right, but then changed my mind and dived to my left. Maybe next time I'll stick to my 1st decision? In the 2nd half, we scored again very quickly and we were soon 3-1 up. We conceded the 2nd goal when it was a bit like pinball in the box and a shot came through a load of players' legs. I saw it late, dived but didn't quite reach it, watching it roll into the bottom right hand corner. I had 1 real save to make, to my top left, but avoided having to make lots of saves by dealing with a few through-balls & back-passes. My drop-kicks and goal kicks were all good, considering the difficult conditions. I played a few times out short to my defenders to play out from the back, but this was tricky in the mud, so most were long kicks or throws. We carried on dominating the game and eventually won 6-2. A good, convincing win.

HOME v Allstar Community, 3rd February 2019, KO 10am


Today's match was postponed due to a frozen pitch.

HOME v Witham Town Whites, 27th January 2019, KO 12.30pm

WON 4-2

Sadly, I wasn't feeling well enough to play this match. However we won the game after going 1-0 down, so it was a great fightback from the team.

AWAY v Wilvale Rangers, 20th January 2019, KO 10am


Today's match was postponed by the away team due to a frozen, dangerous pitch.

HOME v Valley Green Hotspur, 13th January 2019, KO 10.30am

Drew 2-2

We started the match playing up the slope and against the wind in the 1st half. We dominated the 1st 15 minutes but conceded a goal from their first attack. It was a 1v1 and I should have come out further to close the angles down more. Within 5 minutes we conceded again with a similar goal but just before half time we pulled one back to go into the break 2-1 down. I also made a 1v1 save when the attacker tried to go around me. This time I did shut the angles down and dived at his feet to push him wide, until my defence had retreated.
In the 2nd half we were kicking down the hill with the wind behind us, we dominated and I didn't have much to do. We equalised and pushed for a winning goal but didn't get one. The game ended 2-2 which was probably a fair result. I feel I must be braver on 1v1s and come out more aggressively... Something to keep working on.

AWAY v South Woodham Ferrers Utd, 6th January 2019, KO 10am

Won 5-2

We dominated the match from the start but didn’t put the ball in the net. After about 20 minutes we went 1-0 down (but the video shows it was actually offside). We drew back to 1-1 by half time then started the 2nd half strongly. At 2-1 up I made an important save wearing my KA Breakout Emerald Hybrid goalkeeper gloves, and we went up the other end and scored to go 3-1 up. We were soon 4-1 up but I conceded a 1v1 which I should have done better with. We got another goal to finish off the game 5-2. I had a lot of back-passes to clear and a few simple scoops/pick-ups. My kicking was great but I must improve my 1v1 confidence as I made it very easy for the striker to score their 2nd goal. Luckily my team scored more and it didn't matter but on another day it could have.

HOME v Galleywood Hawks, 16th December 2018, KO 2pm

Won 6-1

Another excellent team performance following last week's win. This initially looked like a tight game, being 1-1 after 20 minutes. The goal I conceded was a wonder-strike from about 20 yards which went in over my head. I'm playing a year up in larger 7' high goals where I can't reach the crossbar, so I've been taught not to worry about these goals as I can't do anything about them. We dominated play for the rest of the match and with the slope in our favour in the 2nd half, we cruised to a 6-1 win. I had a few what I call 'standard' saves to make. My kicking was good on a really muddy pitch. I wore my new One Glove base layer top and bottoms which kept me warm through the game.

HOME v Rayne Youth Eagles, 9th December 2018, KO 10am

WON 5-2

This was a great team performance after last week's defeat. Much better passing, movement and team connected together. I made a few saves myself, some clearances and braver at 1v1's. Improved my communication and I need to keep working on this to help the team.

AWAY v Allstar Community, 2nd December 2018, KO 10am

LOST 3-0

Today our team (including me) didn't quite seem 100%. We got punished for it by the opposing team. I made a few saves and had good kicking but feel I should have done better overall. #alwayslearning

AWAY v Tiptree Jobserve Blues, 25th November 2018, KO 12pm

WON 2-1

This was a really tough match. I had a busy 1st half but it stayed 0-0 at half time. We then went 1-0 down to a volleyed cross which should have been cleared. But we fought back uphill and got 2 goals back with 10 minutes left. We held out and I made a diving save from a cross followed by a block save 4 yards from my goal. I was really pleased with that as it's a weakness of mine which I've been working on lately. A great team game and win.

HOME v Broomfield Knights, 18th November 2018, KO 11.30am

WON 3-0

This was our local home derby. Broomfield have 2 teams at U11 level - Warriors (us) and Knights (today's opponents). It was a close game with us playing up the slope in the 1st half and the scores being level at 0-0 by half time. In the 2nd half, the downhill slope helped us to get 3 goals and they were barely in our half. Not much to do for me but it meant our 1st clean sheet of the season.

HOME v Heybridge Swifts Tigers, 11th November 2018, KO 2pm

LOST 6-0

Heybridge Swifts always produce good teams at all age groups, so we knew this was going to be a tough match. They were bigger, stronger & fitter than us and this meant I was really busy which was great for me. I made quite a few saves and received 2 awards after the match - Manager's Player of the Match and also Players' Player of the Match. Heybridge Swifts Tigers have since been promoted to Division 1.

HOME v Ravens Youth Flyers, 28th October 2018, KO 12.30pm

WON 11-1

I couldn't play in this match as I was watching my Dad play in goal for Essex FA Vet's v RAF Vet's at St. George's Park. A video of my Dad playing in goal is on my YouTube page if you'd like to watch him.

AWAY v Rayne Youth Eagles, 14th October 2018, KO 10am

LOST 5-2

This was my 1st match for my new team this season, playing up 1 year at U11's. It was also my 1st match since I had fractured my wrist. So I was a little nervous as we were playing in bigger goals, playing the offside rule and I am now taking proper goal kicks. It was an OK match but we were out-played and although I made a few saves, I felt I should have done better with a few of the goals we conceded.

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