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Glove Cut Guide

Us Goalkeepers come in all shapes and sizes and we all have our own different preferences. That's why goalkeeper glove companies like KA Goalkeeping, provide a variety of different glove cuts to suit all requirements. Below, Kenny Arthur of KA Goalkeeping explains the different cuts available.

Xtension Cut - Hours in the gym, weeks on the training pitch, game day, full stretch, fingertip on the ball... it goes in off the post. Small margins make a big difference in goalkeeping. This was the inspiration for KA Goalkeeping to develop the Xtension Cut; Pointed fingertips that provide that extra reach, that extra margin, that massive game-changing save.

The Roll Finger - An extremely popular Goalkeeper Glove cut. The latex on this cut wraps/rolls all the way round the fingers from back to front. This creates the maximum latex to ball contact providing great catching security. A Roll Finger Goalkeeper Glove creates a more substantial feel on the hands in comparison with a Negative Cut or Hybrid style.

The Negative Cut - This cut of Goalkeeper Glove creates a tighter more streamlined feel on the hands. A flat catching surface, internally/negatively stitched with latex gussets. This style of glove is perfect for the Goalkeeper who likes a tighter fit and more feel on the ball. The thumbs of KA (Kaliaaer) Negative Cut gloves are also negatively stitched maintaining the tighter, streamlined feel of the glove.

The Hybrid Cut - This glove cut combines the best features of a Roll Finger and Negative Cut Goalkeeper glove, which is why it is referred to as a Hybrid Cut. The middle 2 fingers are Negatively/Internally stitched creating a tighter fit and feel on the middle 2 fingers. The outside (Index and Pinky) fingers are Rolled at the top providing more latex to ball contact and catching security. Ideal for the Goalkeeper who likes a tighter fit while keeping the catching security of a Roll Finger model.

Sekure Cut - It's the perfect combination of everything good about a flat palm and a roll finger... rolled into one! A flat catching surface on the palm provides feel on the ball. The fingers roll round at the top, meaning more latex contact with the ball where it matters, which means more grip.


Glove Cut Guide: Headliner
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