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Goalkeeper Glove Companies

Below are some of the most popular Goalkeeper Glove companies in the UK.

Click on the company logo to visit their website.

If I have tried or tested a pair of their goalie gloves, please click the link below the brand to view my glove review video.

Kaliaaer logo White - Small.png


ONE logo.png

One Glove Company

Wolf_OKAMI 2.jpeg

OKAMI Goalkeeping


1YNX Goalkeeping

Big Cat Goalkeeping logo.png

Big Cat Goalkeeping

Chris Haigh Goalkeeping

CH Goalkeeping

OGK Goalkeeping.png

OGK Goalkeeping

HO Soccer logo

HO Soccer

Rinat Goalkeeper Gloves

Rinat (QUBE Goalkeeping)

Uhlsport logo


Adidas logo


Precision GK logo

Precision GK

Rehab logo

Rehab Goalkeeping

Sells logo

Sells Goalkeeping

Storelli logo


If your goalkeeper glove company is not featured here, or if you'd like a pair of your company's goalkeeper gloves to be reviewed by Henry, then please get in touch.

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