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Well, where do we start?... COVID-19 Coronavirus has grabbed the world's attention and changed the way we all think and act right now....

MONTHLY UPDATE: February 2020

Hi all, Well February has been a bad month for playing football matches, due to the weather. We've had storms Ciara, Dennis, Jorge and as...

MONTHLY UPDATE: January 2020

January is always a funny month, after a 2 week break from school over Xmas and a bit of time off football to re-charge, I couldn't wait...

MONTHLY UPDATE: December 2019

First of all we'd like to wish you a Happy New Year for 2020 🥂... Hopefully 2019 was good for you but 2020 will be even better 💪🏼...


Hi, I've just got back from attending the Football Cup Barcelona tournament with my Academy Team, MRFA. What a great weekend we had. We...

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